Zone Alarm vs Trend Micro 2019

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Maggie Lawrance

Maggie Lawrance Especialista de cyber segurança

The best antivirus software protects against more than just malware. Trend Micro and Zone Alarm are both trusted security suites that use the latest detection methods to spot infection. Their combination of signature-scanning and behavior-monitoring detects both known and zero-day infections, but that’s not all they can do.

With over 250 million users, Trend Micro provides anti-phishing and anti-ransomware tools along with their malware protocols. It includes a social media defense tool that will optimize your privacy settings on networking websites and a browser extension that will tell you if a website is dangerous. The parental controls are great if you have kids, and the digital file shredder increases privacy by ensuring any trashed files are deleted completely. To avoid system slowdown, the app uses a PC optimization process to get rid of out-of-date software and logs. If you have questions, the integrated “Ask Vanessa” support bot answers them quickly.

Zone Alarm is also a popular provider, and its list of additional features is impressive. It uses auto-sandboxing technology to launch all files in a virtual environment so threats can be caught and resolved quickly. The advanced two-way firewall can detect when hackers are trying to bypass it. The Wireless Network Security feature updates your firewall depending on your risk factor. You also get an anti-phishing Chrome extension, anti-keylogger, and 5 GB of online backup space. Finally, Zone Alarm provides a Find My Laptop tool for loss or physical theft to locate your device remotely.

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Eu amo o Zone Alarm!
Eu acho que Zonealarm é uma obrigação para todos os PCs com Windows na internet! Eu testei todos os firewalls e nenhum é tão bom e também rico em deta...Mostrar Mais
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Use para ser bom, mas não mais
Eu tenho usado este programa há muito tempo e sempre fui feliz, especialmente desde que eles saíram com este novo conjunto. Infelizmente, isso não fun...Mostrar Mais
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Maggie Lawrance

Maggie Lawrance Especialista de cyber segurança

Trend Micro and Zone Alarm are both premium providers that offer a high-level of security. Trend Micro is great for those who take on data-heavy tasks or spend lots of time browsing the web. Zone Alarm is great at providing comprehensive protection from a long list of threats.

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